The First Virtual Trade Show for Construction Field in Egypt and MENA


One Place, Hundreds of Opportunities.
8 October, 2020

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A Golden Glimpse

Merely, THE ENG. EXPO Construction is one-of-a-kind virtual trade-show which main aim to let you meet the entire world of constructions while you are staying home and through your own device; it is evolved as a leading brand under the umbrella of “The Eng” to source and showcases the best in the constructions field from all-over-the-MENA region and Egypt.

It mainly aims to make it easier for every company to reach new clients and to give the attending companies a good opportunity to scale its proper work; all of these are only from your own device screen. Take such a chance to take your utility to a whole new level of sales, benefits and to reach a very new level of success. To know more Download Brochure.

Focused Industries

  • +50000

    Expected Visitor

  • +50

    Online Session

  • +180

    Outstanding Exhibitors

  • +3

    Months Duration

6 Reasons Why You Have to Join

THE ENG. EXPO construction can be accessed through ‎any smart device, from any corner of the world.
Organizers can also ‎reach a wider audience and welcome the entire world all on one single online ‎platform.‎
Through your journey throughout this fully benefits trade show, you’ll get ultimate enjoyment, information, and all the needed data you need to know via many professionals and very well-known companies and experts of constructions from all-over-the-MENA region and mainly Egypt, and all of these with the lowest cost in the market.
While attending THE ENG. EXPO construction, you’ll increase your audience, ‎and still not spend as much as money you would have had spent at any other physical event, as compared with ‎these mentioned events, therefore, cater to expanding your reach and eventually ‎benefiting you in terms of improving your brand awareness.
Virtual booths provide easily ‎accessible content for the audience to engage with and to consume more. ‎Furthermore, it provides you with the option to chat with booth representatives in real-time, polls, ‎and other interactive features can easily multiply engagement THE ENG. EXPO ‎‎construction.‎
THE ENG. EXPO constructions virtual event can lead you to these data, as now it is more accurate and helpful as it ‎would be readily available right after the event. What worked and what needed to be ‎eliminated can be decided based on this data; It also can be used to plan and organize ‎groundbreaking events in the future, not only this but also the organizers can choose to monitor ‎data with real-time reports and make regulations during the event‎‎.‎
THE ENG. EXPO ensure you to create a strong brand ‎association while executing any kind of events as THE ENG. EXPO will last for one month, which helps you to reach many people in that duration, and naturally gather ‎maximum leads in the process, as that leads to a good impact in the result in the sales revenue.